Bluetooth Selfie Stick – The Real Reason Why You Need The Original Selfie Stick

If you search popular retailers such as Amazon or Ebay, you are bound to find many Selfie Sticks or Monopods for sale. In fact, some of the prices are so wild, why buy from

The main reason to buy from is that the selfie stick is so easy to use all because of the built-in Bluetooth shutter button.


When you receive your Selfie Stick, you simply slide the power button to the “ON” position and it begins broadcasting wirelessly. Go to your device’s Bluetooth menu and you will spot “SELFIESTICK”. Tap this option to synce your smartphone with your SELFIE STICK.

From there, all you have to do is hit the “PRESS” button to take better selfies!


If you buy your SELFIE STICK from another location you may be waiting up to 15 seconds to take a selfie. Most monopods or Selfie Sticks require you to use your camera app’s timer function and wait until the countdown is complete. Even more annoying is that some smartphones default camera app does not feature a timer, so you need to go to your device’s native app store and search for a reliable camera app with timer.

We’ve noticed some other manufacturer’s will include an accessory Bluetooth shutter remote controller.

How often do you misplace your TV remote or car keys?

My thoughts, exactly. Why complicate your life when you can make it simpler? By including the Bluetooth shutter built-in to the device, you’re never going to misplace or forget.

selfie stick bluetooth shutter

As well, isn’t the whole point of the Selfie Stick to free up your limbs so you can take better selfies? Are you going to take better selfies with one armed on your Selfie Stick and your other clicking the remote controller?

Where does Selfie Stick get the power to use Bluetooth? The original Selfie Stick features a built-in rechargeable battery.

This battery, when fully charged (which takes just one hour!) will last for 500 photos or 100 hours. Pretty amazing!

We know you’re excited to get snapping with your Selfie Stick, so we ship your Selfie Stick with the battery at an optimized charge level. You’re good to go right out of the box.