Why you should buy your SELFIE STICK from shopselfiestick.com

Why you should buy you SELFIE STICK from SHOPSELFIESTICK.COM versus everywhere else Searching the internet, you can find many selfie stick for sale. You can purchase selfie stick on major retailers like Amazon, on bidding sites such as Ebay or classified sites such as Kijiji. So, of all the places you can buy a selfie stick, […]

Selfie Stick SELFIEGRAPHIC – did you know?


Click below to expand interesting stats about selfies.  Did you know?   Take better #selfies today, with Selfie Stick.  Check out more interesting demographics on selfies – here!    

Selfie Do’s & Don’ts


Over one million selfies are taken each day – from celebrities to politicians to your friends – and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Selfies can be extreme close ups, standing in front of the mirror or show part of your held out arm. To take better selfies and get more of you […]

5 Selfie Etiquette Rules

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I love people watching. Living in Niagara Falls, I have seen so many people snap selfies in all kinds of places – some crazy… in the middle of the mall, at the airport, standing in the doorway, walking the dog, in the car, and the bathroom(awkward). Where did the selfie come from?  The word, selfie, was the 2013 […]

Infographic – A Great Selfie

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Discover the “anatomy” of a great selfie. Click the pic below to expand. Get more of that background or your group by taking selfies with Selfie Stick.

When to take a selfie with Selfie Stick?

Selfie Stick On A Train

Selfie on a plane Selfie on a train Selfie in space Selfie in a race Selfie at night Selfie when it’s bright Selfie when you’re out Selfie when you shout