Selfie Stick Instructions – How to Use Selfie Stick

What’s Included With Your Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick with built-in battery and bluetooth shutter

Phone Bracket

USB-to-micro-USB cable


How To Assemble Your Selfie Stick

1. Screw your Selfie Stick (or GoPro / Digital Camera) CLOCKWISE until it is secure.


How To Insert Your Phone(or Bluetooth Device) To Selfie Stick

1. Pull the metal Selfie Stick bracket away from the Selfie Stick.

2. With the bracket open, place your phone in the bracket.  Gently release the Selfie Stick bracket so your phone is snug and secure.


How To Power On Your Selfie Stick

1. Slide power switch from the “OFF” position to the “ON” position (located at the bottom of your Selfie Stick).

2. The status LED will be flashing BLUE to indicate it is powered on and broadcasting a bluetooth signal.

How To Pair Selfie Stick To Your Phone

1. With the Selfie Stick in pairing mode (BLUE LED flashing), go to your cell phone’s bluetooth device list.

2. Select “SELFIESTICK” to connect your phone or bluetooth device to Selfie Stick.

How To Extend Selfie Stick

1. With one hand on the Selfie Stick and the other hand on the Selfie Stick bracket, pull apart.  Selfie Stick will extend up to 41 inches.


How To Take Selfies With Selfie Stick

1. Enter your phone’s camera App.

2. Press the PRESS key to take selfies!


Adjust Selfie Stick Angle

1. Rotate Selfie Stick bracket screw COUNTER-CLOCKWISE until it is loose.

2. Adjust Selfie Stick bracket up or down, to your liking.

3. Rotate Selfie Stick bracket screw CLOCKWISE until it is tight.


How To Charge Selfie Stick

1. Connect the micro-USB cable to Selfie Stick.

2. Connect the USB cable to your computer or other USB device/5V USB charger (such as iPhone/Samsung/Smartphone charger).

3. In one hour, you should have a full battery charge.

4. Full battery will last you approximately 500 photos or 100 hours in standby mode.  Selfie Stick will automatically enter standby mode when you are not using it.