Selfie Do’s & Don’ts

Over one million selfies are taken each day – from celebrities to politicians to your friends – and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Selfies can be extreme close ups, standing in front of the mirror or show part of your held out arm. To take better selfies and get more of you and your world, get Selfie Stick. SELFIESTICK allows you to take photos from up to eight feet away(depending on your arm length)! This allows you to take whole body or half body, include more of your friends and family or all of that amazing place you have visited. In addition to Selfie Stick, here are the DO’s and DON’T’s of selfies:


1. Look good! Be ready for the camera. Don’t go too extreme and think model shots. Be casual yet put together and neat. If you’re trying too hard, your friends will surely notice. A little lip gloss never hurt anyone 😉

2. Work the angles! Selfie are close up, so the angle is integral! Selfies from below (downward angle) should likely be avoided at all costs. This is a sure-fire way to show off your double chin. Straight-on or above angles work the best. Straightforward angles will make you look your most natural while shots from above can have a slimming affect. Be careful with above angle selfies as you may appear to be a bobble head.

3. Smile! If you want your friends to scroll right past you, use a duck face. For all other photos, wear a smile, as it probably what looks best on you. Take photos with your natural expression once in a while, as this is how people may see you on a day-to-day basis.

4. Play with filters! Did you know nearly half of all selfies are altered in some way? Try using filters to enhance your selfies. Use subtle filters to add a pleasant affect without looking too processed. Choose a filter that highlights your strong points such as bringing out your eyes, skin tone or cheekbones.

5. Use your tools! The basic tools of your camera/photo APPS can greatly improve your selfies. Modifying the ‘crop’ and ‘zoom’ can make a huge improvement to your selfies with minimal effort and time.

6. Know your surroundings! Ever take the perfect selfie but some tourist inadvertently photo bombs you? Simple, crop that sucker out, selfie saved! Be sure the background of your is clear of dirty laundry or toilets! Better yet, use Selfie Stick to capture all of your fabulous backgrounds such as the Eiffel Tower, New York City or Miami Beach.

7. Lighting! One thing that can make or break your selfie is lighting. Avoid overhead lighting as this will produce dark shadows under your eyes – unless of course you want that raccoon look. Sunlight is great for selfies, just be careful not to face the sun or you’ll end up squinting. For best effect, have the sun behind you so your face will be highlighted. If no sun is available, the same rules apply.   Try to have the lighting behind you.


1. Try too hard! If your trying to look cool or sexy, you’ve already failed. You can be creative, but you got to be yourself. Show your true colours, but don’t use overplayed poses.

2. Duck face! This fad is over, avoid at all costs!

3. Use flash! When taking a selfie, using the flash will usually do one of two things: overexpose the photo and wash you out or reflect in the mirror. Neither of these are going to help you produce the perfect selfie. Re-read SELFIE DO’s for best lighting techniques.

4. Overusing hashtags! #please #don’t #use #anymore #than #5 #five #1-2-3-4-5 #hashtags. Hashtags are great in moderation and can help direct traffic to your social media site and get more followers. However, any more than five is overkill and likely to do the opposite of what you intended.

5. Avoid selfie arm! Having your arms viewable in your selfie indicates that you’re trying a bit too hard and ultimately distracts the viewer from the focus of the selfie. To remedy this, get a Selfie Stick and you will take better selfies.

Post your perfect selfies in the comments!