Selfie Stick 2015 – Appreciation, Prosperity and What’s to Come

Thanks for helping make 2014 such a successful year for us!

We launched Selfie Stick ( & in the middle of 2014 and have been so fortunate to have such a successful year in 2014. Thanks to all of our customers and supporters! It’s been so fulfilling to provide a simple, high-quality product that can help to make our lives a little bit more fun.

This year, in addition to our new 2015 model Bluetooth Selfie Stick (that was briefly available at the end of 2014 but sold so fast at Christmas time) we will be launching a lower cost Selfie Stick for cost conscious customers.

In 2015, we wish you and your loved ones a happy, health and prosperous year. We hope that Selfie Stick can further bring you happiness and fun by helping you take better selfies and capture those perfect moments.


Much thanks and wishing you the best,